How to Find the Most Beautiful Diamond Ring: Diamond Jewelry Tips & Tricks

Read this article, use our diamond jewelry tips and tricks and learn how to find the most beautiful diamond ring out there! 

Knowing your option and knowing what you want to buy will help you find the most beautiful and amazing diamond for your wedding or engagement ring.

There are so many information about diamonds, some really important and some not to much that can make you crazy if you try to read all at once. Sometimes, you may not have time or energy to go through everything and you’ll need a quick overview of what is important.

By using out diamond jewelry tips and tricks, you will be on your way to finding the most beautiful diamond rings:

  • Cut – Diamond’s cut is one of the most important consideration when it comes to beauty. You have probably seen a girl with a diamond ring that seems to be lit from within as it lights or flashes every time she moves her hand. That light comes from reflecting off the exterior of the diamond, as well as, from the light entering the diamond from the top, bending off the internal surface, and coming out. This is also known as light return and a factor that reflects the light return is the symmetry of the diamond cut.
  • Shape – The cut creates the shape, however, the shape determines how reflective and bright the diamond is actually. For a maximum impact, a round shaped diamond can’t be beaten for flash and shine. Princess and square cuts are quite popular shapes for engagement rings and are usually available in brilliant cuts.
  • Color – In a white diamond, there are various degrees of color. There are colorless diamonds and colored diamonds. The top grades go to the colorless ones all the way to the yellow tint ones A well-cut diamond will usually give you more flexibility in terms of color.
  • Setting – The setting of the diamond can determine how dazzling the diamond is actually. For example, a halo setting can maximize the diamond look by encircling the center stone with a ring of tinier diamonds.

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